The national stadium is unveiled

On Wednesday 3 April, mayor Lydie Polfer and Minister of Sports Dan Kersch visited the site of the new national football and rugby stadium, one of the most important infrastructure projects in recent years in the city.
Located between the Cloche d’Or and Kockelscheuer, the project – which is built in accordance with Fifa/UEFA and World Rugby standards – will include a playing field with 9,385 spectator seats, VIP areas, food booths, a “business club” with a kitchen, special areas for the press and changing rooms, as well as allowing for further development of the surroundings. The stadium will be clad in diamond-shaped metal elements and will be enhanced through an illumination scheme.
Currently, 85% of the works have already been tendered and awarded, and 95% of the structural work is completed, while the installation of the hybrid lawn, the lighting and the gallery seating is expected to be installed by the beginning of 2020. Among the various stakeholders for this new national stadium project with a budget of just over 60 million euros, the City of Luxembourg is particularly implicated in the development of the multi­-functional parking area, which it finances in its entirety.
The work is scheduled to be completed in spring 2020.