Special needs that concern us all

For many of us, playing sports, going to a new place, watching a film, listening to the radio, attending a meeting or even just following a conversation are just part of normal daily life. But, for some of us, these things can pose a real challenge.

Since 2012, the City of Luxembourg has launched an annual campaign to raise awareness for people living with disabilities. This initiative, the “Semaines de sensibilisation” (Awareness Weeks), takes place from the end of April to mid-June and is organised by Luxembourg City’s Service Intégration et besoins spécifiques (Integration and Special Needs department) under the aegis of the participative committee, together with over 90 associations. It offers a rich programme of events aimed at informing the general public about different types of disability and breaking down barriers between people living with and without disabilities.

As part of this initiative, I would like to invite you all to come join us for the Action and Sports Day on 18 May at place d’Armes, the Inclusion Gala on 7 June at the Conservatoire, and a “dinner in the dark”. The 2019 Awareness Weeks will once again offer a wide range of activities, including film screenings, conferences, exhibits, performances and guided tours of the city and its museums.

Every single one of us, regardless of our current situation, health, age or profession, may one day find ourselves directly or indirectly affected by disability: it is something that concerns us all, and we must act now in order to ensure everyone’s needs are met in the best way possible.

In this edition of City, you will find profiles and testimonies of people living with and without disabilities, as well as information on the 2019 Awareness Weeks programme of events, which I heartily encourage you to check out.

Happy reading!