Ons Schueberfouer

The Schueberfouer, undoubtedly one of Europe’s largest funfairs, was founded in 1340 by John the Blind, King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg, and has become a key fixture in the calendar where both the city and the country are concerned. The trade fair was initially held on the Saint-Esprit plateau, before being relocated to Limpertsberg in 1610 and eventually to its current location in 1893. A charter dated 20 October 1340 specified that it would begin on St. Bartholomew’s Day –24 August. That is still the case today. What has changed, however, is its purpose – initially a major market and cattle market, it gradually changed to resemble a funfair as of the 19th century. This exhibition looks at the history of the fair and the vital role that it still plays today.

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