Artwork shop displays

Suzanne Cotter, director of Mudam, in partnership with the City of Luxembourg, is leading an initiative to bring the museum’s collection out of the museum in a brand-new way. A call for participation was launched in collaboration with the Union Commerciale (de la Ville de Luxembourg), and around 20 shopkeepers from the Ville Haute and Gare neighbourhoods were selected to display a piece of art in their shops during the month of May. The initiative provides shoppers and visitors with a rather unique experience. “The aim was to gain a fresh perspective from shopkeepers, as we believe they reflect rather faithfully the diversity of our collection. Shops are open to everyone and full of interaction, and we found this dual aspect rather appealing,” explains Marie-Noëlle Farcy, the event curator.
The team behind the event were open to suggestions and proactive in creating dialogue when choosing which artworks and artistic disciplines to showcase, from painting, sculpture and video installations. Each shop was then visited to find the perfect place to display the chosen artwork safely and for all to see. Fresh Window will be launched
on 30 April and run until 26 May.