Wonderful one

Following El Djoudour, French choreographer Abou Lagraa is back at the Grand Théâtre with Wonderful One – a play featuring two men and three women dancing freely, with the issue of identity playing a central role and characters seeking to come to terms with their choices without yielding to the conventions of a constrained society. The two men showcase their true potential through Claudio Monteverdi’s Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, whilst the female trio is accompanied by two great voices from the East in the form of the tremendous Oum Kalthoum and Lebanese Christian nun Sister Marie Keyrouz. When the sacred meets music, spirituality comes face-to-face with freedom and when the masculine world is juxtaposed with the feminine, the true meaning of Abou Lagraa’s art really becomes clear. This perfectly orchestrated play continuously delivers a certain intensity on the stage in a new demonstration of Lagraa’s ability to control space and his natural sense of rhythm.

 20:00  Grand Théâtre www.lestheatres.lu