String Week

From 26 to 30 March 2019, string instruments will take pride of place at the Conservatory of the City of Luxembourg. String Week is the opportunity for pupils and teachers, guests and audience members to learn about and share a common passion for music in general and the wide-ranging string family particularly.

The Conservatory’s string department has invested a lot in orchestral and ensemble training, which unites four instruments from the bowed string family: violin, viola, cello and double bass. It is also renowned for the quality and dynamism of its numerous projects, giving students a rich and unique experience, such as masterclasses, guest artist meet-and-greets, regular concerts, and music camps in collaboration with OPL and OCL.

Naturally, this musically intense, five-day-long programme includes concerts and recitals, but also conferences with Garth Knox, Alain Stella and even Werner Matzke.,  free entrance