Neighbourhood street art

The City of Luxembourg often relies on urban art – or “street art” – to add vibrant energy to construction sites or areas undergoing redesign. Just take the Clausen neighbourhood, which is famous for the old Mansfeld castle. Since 2018, a section of city-owned housing on rue Malakoff has been patiently waiting to learn its fate concerning the future remodelling project.

In the meantime, the doorways and windows on these empty houses have been filled in with concrete blocks. These act as a canvas for the artist Spike, who has pasted up his curvy, geometric, signature figures, giving the neighbourhood a colourfully graphic makeover. Don’t expect to find drawings of people gazing from windows. Instead, there are continuous patterns which blanket cover an old doorway right to a boarded up window. “What I really wanted to do was give the impression of a whole. Whichever angle you look from, you can get the impression that a whole city has been coloured in this way,” explains the artist when describing the project which is permanent – for now.