The second edition of the Multiplica festival offers an opportunity to explore the digital arts through a series of performances, interactive installations, workshops and talks that will take members of the public to the heart of the digital revolution. Multiplica has been examining the links between the living arts, music, the visual arts and digital creation since its first edition in 2017, and Les Rotondes sees the festival as an opportunity to attempt to reconcile the “digital” with the “artistic” and the “accessible”. The 2019 edition of the festival will be offering an intense programme of events that will take audiences on a journey through various worlds. On the entertainment front, Multiplica will incorporate a number of events guaranteed to be a feast for the senses, such as a performance by British artist Actress, Graham Dunning’s set and even the wonderful world of Myriam Bleau, whilst Romain Tardy’s installation The Great Indecision Council explores the relationship we have with Google. Les Rotondes has also joined forces with Luxembourger artist Laura Mannelli to design an interactive sound installation in the form of La Vallée dérangeante.