Live cinema

In March, the Cinémathèque and the OPL invite you to rediscover a silent classic, screened at the Philharmonie. American conductor and composer Carl Davis sets the music to The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, one of Ernst Lubitsch’s last silent films. Starring Ramón Novarro and Norma Shearer, it was released in 1927.

Based on a play by Wilhelm Meyer-Förster in 1901, the story revolves around the life of young Crown Prince Karl Heinrich, heir to Karlsburg. Having had a rather lonely childhood bound by strict rules and tradition, his pursuit of education takes him to Heidelberg. The move proves a much-welcomed escape, and it is here that Karl meets and falls in love with Kathi, a barmaid already engaged to be married. Their blossoming summer romance is interrupted, however, when Karl’s duties towards his kingdom are required. Caught between love and duty, Karl must now make a choice whether to follow his heart or to take up the reins of Government.

▸ 20:00