Buveurs de quintessence

Following in the footsteps of Marcel Duchamp and Kazimir Malevich, 13 contemporary Canadian and European artists will be expressing their thoughts on the dialectics of the void. The works that they create, appearing, on the surface, to be devoid of meaning, minimalist and fleeting, re-examine the status of a work of art. The exhibition offers a perspective on art whereby expressiveness and sometimes an abundance of content give way to a desire for transcendence that places the emphasis on the visitor’s first-hand experience. Art becomes an object of reflection beyond vision alone and is free of any form of subjectivity on the part of the artist. The visitor assimilates the work for themselves and in doing so relieves the artist of their status as the creator of the piece, just like the character in the poem Perte d’Auréole by Charles Baudelaire, from which the exhibition takes its name.

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