The traditional Buergbrennen festival is held on the first Sunday of Lent. The event, which is considered to herald the end of the winter months and the advent of spring, involves erecting the “Buerg” in an elevated position and setting light to it
at nightfall following a lantern
procession. According to an old saying, the direction in which the smoke from the “Buerg” travels will be the direction in which the wind will blow from summer: “Wéi den Damp op Buergsonndeg geet, esou geet en de ganze Virsummer”. In Luxem­bourg City, festivities will take place on 9 March in Bonnevoie on boulevard Kaltreis, and on 10 March in Cents at the junction between boulevard Charles Simonis and rue Cents. The meeting is also scheduled for 10 March in Beggen and Cessange.