Taxi Driver & Marathon Man

This month, it’s all about the American neo-noir crime thrillers. Anticipate intrigue, corruption, paranoia and revenge, and expect artistic framing, interplay between light and dark, and deep, shadowy scenes.
In Klute and Serpico, dishonesty within the police force is the centre of the plot, the latter seeing Al Pacino on the other side of the law after his previous role in The Godfather. Chinatown and The Conversation leave the audience rapt with attention, as the main protagonist struggles to do the right thing despite all opposition. Unlikely heroes are in the spotlight of films Taxi Driver and Marathon Man. The former being Scorsese’s famously unstable insomniac bound to save the world, the latter a historian, avid runner, and unwitting brother of a secret agent, who is the target of a former Nazi.
Finally, The Deer Hunter may not be a neo-noir, but is all the same an epic drama about the hysterical madness and fervour that preceded the Vietnam War, the pain and the suffering that transpired, and the haunting anguish that followed.

▸ 18:30, 19:00, 20:30 & 20:45
▸ 05/02 – 27/02