Apparition / Disparition

Choreographers in residence Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten will be showcasing their Apparition/Disparition diptych at the Grand Théâtre.
Inspired by Gustav Mahler’s Kindertotenlieder and performed by the dancers of the Marseille National Ballet and Amsterdam’s ICK, both performances offer their own perspectives on childhood. The focus in Apparition is on children and their fragility, offering a unique take on Mahler’s lied with an intimate piano accompaniment that allows each of the poems to take on its own dimension, taking the audience on a journey back to their childhood. Disparition, which is a World Premiere, portrays the end of innocence, with 11 dancers searching for traces of their childhood. The images of Apparition are displayed on screens on the stage as the viewer is overcome with a sense of melancholy in this struggle between the different stages in life.
An ode to resistance and above all a call not to give up on anything, all uniquely portrayed through the media of light, movement and music. C.C.

▸ 12/02 – 15/02
▸ Apparition. 12 et 13/02 à 20:00 ▸ Disparition. 15/02 à 20:00
▸ Grand Théâtre ▸