Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam

The Grand Théâtre’s New Year performance takes audiences on a journey to Asia this year, as the New Circus of Vietnam performs its latest production, Teh Dar, loosely translated as “turning in circles around a fire”, in reference to a tradition of the mountain-dwelling K’ho ethnic group, whose ritual festivities, masks and music were the main sources of inspiration for the production. Five percussionists will be taking to the stage to envelop the audience in a ritual procession, whilst the company of 15 dancers responds to the incantations in a unique display of virtuosity. Bamboo is a central part of the production, serving as both the set and a springboard for the sort of acrobatic feats that only this company and its athletes, whose bodies have been sculpted by years of training, can perform.

▸ 20:00 ▸ Grand Théâtre