Europe – My Heart Will be Broken and Eaten

The National Theatre of Luxembourg’s production of Europe – My Heart Will be Broken and Eaten by Romanian author Salat Lehel was inspired by Jean Cocteau’s La Voix humaine and tells the story of a telephone conversation between a young woman and a not-so-young man. Images depicting the history of Europe are seen playing across a series of screens. The young woman, played by Romanian actress Maria Tomoiaga, whose words cross paths with Luxembourger dancer Jean-Guillaume Weis, is walking around, surrounded by these images, and talking to a man we don’t see. A poetic yet grave journey through the trials and tribulations sweeping the continent produced by German director Armin Petras, whose work is recognised by all leading European theatres.

▸ 12, 30, 31/01 & 01, 02/02 à 20:00 ▸ 13/01 à 17:00
▸ Théâtre national du Luxembourg ▸