Easy Riders & Raging Bulls!

The New Year kicks off with our New Hollywood series: delving into one of the most influential periods of American cinema. With the rise of television and the decline of studio directed production, directors started gaining cult status, inaugurating a number of films known specifically for stylistic and narrative choices, moving away from previously defined cultural, social and aesthetic norms. Films widely known and appreciated will set the ball rolling, beginning with Mike Nichols’ The Graduate: a funny yet sincere film about the fear of becoming an adult, making adult choices, and the complexity of falling in love with your affair’s daughter. Next: young, in love, and known for killing people, notorious couple Bonnie and Clyde hit the screens, followed by the free-flowing spirituality seeking Easy Rider. Midnight Cowboy, the dramatic tale of the unlikely friendship between hustler cowboy Joe Buck and con man Ratso trying to make it in New York. Hilariously dark war film MASH chronicles the hedonistic exploits of moralists, deviants and innocents alike. Dustin Hoffman makes his third appearance in revisionist Western Little Big Man. The Last Picture Show and Harold and Maude bring up the rear, each in their own way funny and fatalistic, a dramatic depiction of the end.

▸ 18:30, 20:30, 21:00