Design:LX Portfolio Night

Every other year, Luxembourg becomes the capital of design as it hosts its month-long Design City biennial, consisting of various indoor and outdoor events aimed at promoting the latest innovations and creations in the field of design. The Design:LX Portfolio Night, organised by Design Luxembourg, provides an opportunity for designers in the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region to come together and showcase their latest ideas, with the emphasis very much on freedom and interaction to allow all involved to be able to take something from the other designers’ work. The emphasis at this second edition of the Design:LX Portfolio Night will be very much on showcasing the richness of the local scene, as both professionals and students are given carte blanche to present their latest projects in fields such as graphic design, photography, fashion, sound, illustration, lighting, interior design and even motion design.

▸ 08/11
▸ 18:00 ▸ Rotondes