Gasperich gets its water tower

City got the opportunity to take a little tour of Gasperich’s new water tower, set to open at the end of the month.
Standing at 68m high, making it the tallest building in this part of the city, and designed by the Jim Clemes architectural and design studio as part of an architectural competition, the new water tower has become a magnificent landmark and one that can even be seen from the motorway.
The tower itself is equipped with two 500 m3 tanks and will be used to supply drinking water to both Ban de Gasperich and the Gasperich district, along with sites in Kockelscheuer and part of Cessange. The water tower is fed by the SEBES (Syndicat des Eaux du Barrage d’Esch-sur Sûre) dam water network. A second supply is planned by drilling another site behind the Tubishaff water tower.
The tower’s striking appearance is notably due to its metal casing (made up of 1,106 panels), which has transformed the building into a real urban marker whilst at the same time paying tribute to Luxembourg’s steel-making past. According to its designers, this casing was designed in an abstract openwork style to “resemble flowing water”, whilst the light that is gradually emitted right up the tower gives it the appearance of a beacon serving as a marker for the whole of Europe.