Les expositions estivales


▸ 17/06-10/09 (Double Coding, Mary Reid Kelley) ▸ 17/06–03/09 (Martin Eder) 

▸ 17/06–21/01/2018 (Ad Reinhardt) ▸ Mudam ▸ www.mudam.lu

The Mudam will be heralding the arrival of summer with four new exhibitions – three monographic exhibitions featuring radical and contrasting worlds and one collective exhibition.

The work of Ad Reinhardt will be presented in a new light, with many of his drawings and illustrations on display, indicating, to the exclusion of the more commercial aspect of his work, the artist’s political and social commitment to free thought.

Berlin-based artist Martin Eder is to showcase the scope of his mystical artistic practice, from dreamlike and/or disturbing drawings to erotic photographs, in an exhibition entitled P5IGYKC.

Mary Reid Kelley’s work is a combination of the aesthetics of the early black-and-white films, animation, poetic research and performance, operating, as she does, within a world of poetic and controversial plays on words and stylised graphics as she puts on a performance of her own.

Double Coding, a themed exhibition of the Mudam collection, explores the ways in which artists seize upon historical accounts challenging preconceived ideas and official versions and delivering more sensitive and coherent interpretations.

A programme of exhibitions reflecting the intensity of current creation that is completely in keeping with the evils and peculiarities of the world.