Così fan tutte, version allégée

16, 18 & 20/06

▸ 20:00 ▸ neimënster ▸

The story is set in a small optician’s shop and our four amorous young protagonists from Naples are budding scientists. We are, of course, in Naples, as the libretto indicates, with Vesuvius exuding its careless, passionate energy all around.

The setting may be the same as that of Mozart’s famous opera, but its staging is really quite different. This particular version of Così fan tutte is the fruit of a three-week artists’ residence
at Neumünster Abbey involving six lyrical singers, a pianist, a string quartet and a group of students of Nina Childress at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de Design in Nancy, who are responsible for the scenery and lighting. Having worked in synergy with one another under the watchful eye of the professional involved, they will be offering an unique and unforgettable experience as the work is performed for the very first time in the abbey’s Robert Krieps’ room.

Cross-border project in collaboration with the Ensad and Opéra de Nancy.