Moeder (Mère)

Founded in 2000 by Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier, the Peeping Tom company has developed “a hyperrealist aesthetic supported by a tangible stage design”: a garden, a living room and a cellar – for their first trilogy Le jardin (2002), Le salon (2004) and Le sous-sol (2007) – or two static caravans in the middle of a snowy landscape in 32 rue Vandenbranden (2009) and a burning theatre in À louer (2011).

Each time the choreographers create “an unstable universe that defies the logic of time and space,” in which isolation, fear and desire are striking recurrences in a nightmarish dreamlike world that inhabits the darkest part of the individual. What happens within families behind closed doors is for Peeping Tom an important source of inspiration and creativity. The company has been working on a second trilogy called Vader, Moeder, Kinderen since 2014.

After Vader (Father) – which is “a full immersion into the world of an ageing father that is as overwhelming as it is fascinating” and directed by Franck Chartier – Peeping Tom now presents Moeder (Mother), the second part of this new trilogy, directed by Gabriela Carrizo. This piece is a disturbing exploration of the theme of memory and is both strange and funny, “delving into the subconscious to reveal what the mother carries with her in terms of desires, fears, suffering and experiences of violence.”

The 11th and 12th of May 2017
▸ 20:00 ▸ sans entracte ▸ Grand Théâtre ▸