Putting the environment at the heart of the City

We are all aware of the importance of protecting nature and having a healthy environment, a vision for sustainable development and a resource-based economy. For a long time the environment has been at the heart of everything the City does, from the organisation of diverse events to the implementation of cross-sectional services. The creation of an environmental delegate role has allowed us to put in place a specific action plan that is reviewed and adjusted annually and that has resulted in significant progress. The safeguarding of natural assets, protection of biodiversity, pesticide use ban, conservation of our springs, application of ecological criteria in the construction industry or promotion of sustainable consumption are all services and projects designed to foster specific approaches and achieve certain targets set by the City. Moreover, faced with the major challenge that is climate change, the City of Luxembourg is committed to reducing its primary energy needs and increasing its share of renewable energies by optimising, for example, public buildings’ energy performance.Mobility is another tool in the reduction of energy consumption. The development
of the tram and the acquisition of hybrid buses are perfect illustrations of our intent, not to mention the Carloh self-service car service or our expansion of the cycle paths network. Future projects such as the rehabilitation of the Pétrusse river or the development of a large municipal park in the Ban de Gasperich area show how we have taken our commitment to the municipal level. All these examples illustrate our commitment to continually improve the quality of life of our citizens and to encourage them to take part in these initiatives.