Committee on social action, health and senior citizens

Like all advisory committees, the Committee on social action, health and senior citizens has 16 members representing the entire political spectrum. Given that it has a vote and a right to make political proposals, the commission has an important societal impact. Together with other local and civilian associations and foundations it offers opinions and advice on any projects concerning social institutions or relating to the city’s elderly population.

Reception centres

The committee has, for example, discussed the new project for reception centres for marginalised people. The Péitrusshaus refuge offers short-term accommodation for minors aged 12-18 who find themselves in difficult or crisis situations. The Drop-in is a clinic offering medical, social, psychological and material support and follow-up for sex workers. The Streetwork, a service providing guidance and prevention advice to young people; the Wet Shelter, an emergency shelter for the homeless; Para-Chute, a social services advice centre at the central station are just some of the services developed to which the Centbuttek, a socially-minded grocery store, can be added. All these activities and structures reflect the sense of responsibility the City has for helping alleviate problems (such as poverty) that can generate others (such as begging). The City hopes in this way to reduce any extreme social difficulties and prevent possible related issues. The committee also discusses subsidies for development projects in the developing world.