Changes on the horizon

A number of minor changes to bus timetables across all routes are planned, in accordance with the situation on the ground, but notably at the start and nearing the completion of the works in question. This will result in timetables being altered by just a few minutes.

– With regards to the central station, routes 1, 7 and 16 will now stop at stand 12, rather than at stand 9, since stand 12 is longer and therefore easier for buses to pull into.
– Once the plug-in hybrid bus fleet has been adopted there will also be timetable changes on routes 9, 13 and 14, particularly during the evening.
– A number of changes will be made to route 29. The service will now stop at stand 9 at the central station rather than stand 12 and the route will change between Howald and the central station, where it will take Route de Thionville in order to better serve the Dernier Sol, Hippodrome and Neufchâteau.stops. Extra services will be put on in the mornings to serve the airport from 5am.
– Extra services will be put on on route 16 on Sunday afternoons (every 15 minutes rather than every 30 minutes) to improve service to and from the airport.
– Route 26 will become route 226 since it is being taken over by the Department of Transport.