Last phase of the Gare district works!

The Gare district’s existing sewage network is dilapidated and ill-adapted to requirements. Major construction works to overhaul the sewage system for waste water as well as the installation of drinking water and gas pipelines are already well underway. The city’s heating network has been extended as far as the avenue de la Liberté, while the power grid, communication network and fibre-optic network have also been overhauled
and upgraded in accordance with the project of the tram.
As is the case for all of the sites, it was essential to methodically coordinate services to ensure that all of the refurbishments and replacements can be completed at the same time, meaning that no further renovations are necessary for the next few years.
The high flow of pedestrians, buses and cars in this district poses a challenge. In addition, a number of measures have been implemented in order to ensure that noise pollution caused by the works is kept to a minimum with a double shift (from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.) enabling a rapid and smooth flow of traffic (e.g. two traffic lanes in both directions) and unrestricted pedestrian zones as well as six consecutive phases of works in order to ensure businesses and buildings are accessible.
Building works to install electric bus charging stations are taking place on platform 1, together with the installation of an electrical room and surface works. The diagram shows the relocation of the bus stations. The final stretch of the project (between avenue de la Liberté and rue Joseph Jung) is also getting a makeover.
That construction works will be completed by January, two months ahead of schedule!