Caroline Cornélis is the founder of the non-profit-making company Nyash and has developed a singular choreographic approach as a result of the choice to address a young audience, but also due to her conception of dance as a major pedagogical, cultural and artistic consciousness-raising exercise. Her pieces, often created with Miko Shimura, are frequently rewarded: the prize of the Minister for Children at the Rencontres de Huy 2013 for Kami and Terre Ô and the prize of the Minister for Children, Joëlle Milquet, and the media’s best pick at the Rencontres de Huy 2015 for Stoel. Stoel is situated at the intersection of disciplines, practice and thought and takes the unconventional pedagogical work of Jean-François Pirson as its starting point. Focused primarily on space, it focuses on the body both in terms of its interior emotions and of its relationship with the world(s) around us. On stage there are just a few chairs and two dancers who will play with notions of imbalance, lightness and brutality, construction and deconstruction; their dance is one of concise gestures and clear intentions. The chair, a common object manipulated by bodies, transforms the space and reveals its multiple meanings oscillating between sedentariness, self-assurance but also loss, a nomadic existence and finding a place in the world.