White Lies

When White Lies last played at in Luxembourg it was to support their 2013 album Big TV, they played a stellar set at Rock-A-Field and even the pouring rain on the day couldn’t dampen the spirits of the crowd. White Lies’ big bombastic sound and soaring choruses do well at festivals but in an interview at the time with Ara City Radio, Charles Cave, the bass player and lyricist of the band, said that the band actually prefer to play at smaller venues where the more intricate details of their music can be heard properly.
The Group from Ealing in London have changed and evolved since forming in 2007. Originally they were a little bit like Franz Ferdinand, all sharp lines and pop sensibilities. After that there was a marked shift in tone, they began to be compared with bands like Interpol and Editors. This is an easy but maybe slightly lazy comparison that seems to be based on frontman Harry McVeigh’s deep vocals. The truth is they are more uplifting, lyrically than Interpol and less likely to produce the big stadium hits of Editors. Not that the latter is a bad thing, listening to their records provides a much more rounded experience and live, especially at a venue like den Atelier, shows that they can mix the big numbers with more subtle and delicate songs. Their new album, Friends, led by the excellent single ‘Take It Out On Me’, has just been released and continues the bands development, the band never sit still, always exploring and moving forward. Don’t miss them!