A year-long transformation

The underground networks at the champ du Glacis are set to be transformed to allow for the tram to pass through and the necessary arrangements to be made for the annual Schueberfouer funfair.

A number of geographical and logistical changes will be made for the 2017 edition of the Schueberfouer to account for the work on the tram. The locations of the carousels and restaurants have been entirely rethought in order to maintain the same quality of user experience, mixture of stands and number of attractions, despite the loss of available space.
This restructuring will require work to be carried out on the underground networks serving the fair, including water, gas, wastewater, communications, etc.
The new layout of the fair will see all of the restaurants located along allée Scheffer, following the route of the tram, which will make two stops at the square. The central avenues will be extended to avoid the bottleneck that used to form near the Ferris wheel and larger structures repositioned to facilitate access and circulation. This will also improve safety, hygiene and the overall visitor experience.
Work will begin at the bottom of the Glacis and will be organised so as not to close the car park. The works at the Glacis will be coordinated like clockwork, beginning immediately after the 2016 Schueberfouer for completion prior to the 2017 edition. Despite this tight schedule, an element of flexibility will be required in order to synchronize this work with the work on the tram. The Glacis will offer more or less the same number of parking spaces once the work is completed.