Zoom on the urban mobility commission

The mobility commission is made up of 16 members representing the entire political spectrum and is regularly consulted on issues regarding urban policy that relate to public transport, cyclists, pedestrians and anything that might facilitate the peaceful coexistence of the various categories of road-user in general.
One of the issues that has been at the centre of the commission’s attentions over recent months is that of the restructuring of the bus network, the consequent adaptations and the new map that has been produced. The purchasing of new hybrid buses is also part of the Ville de Luxembourg’s sustainable mobility investment programme, the aim being to reduce total carbon dioxide emissions by at least 20% by 2020. Some 150 buses could gradually be replaced by hybrid models.
The new pedestrian concept, and the bicycle concept before it, have also been targeted by the urban mobility commission.

The tram, a key project
Even though the City itself is not the direct project manager, the tram project is, of course, a matter for the commission. “It is a key project for all forms of public transport and mobility for all citizens,” explains Claude Radoux, president of the commission, who is closely following the project, notably in terms of the associated construction work.