Future projects

The City Council has approved a number of projects aimed at improving residents‘ quality of life.

For the water and the birds
The winner of the competition to design Kirchberg’s new water tower is Temperatura Extremas Arquitectos. Listed as a Natura 2000 site, the water tower will feature areas for birds to nest and bat to roost as well as zones covered in vegetation.

Thirty-five future apartments in Mühlenbach
The apartment complex designed by Arlette Schneiders Architects will feature outdoor stairs, passageways and a communal garden and be characterised by an interesting social and generational mix.

A crèche for eighty-one toddlers
Following a pledge to open more municipal crèches, building works have been approved for a new site on Rue d’Orval. Designed by architect Marc Gubbini, the plans comprise a series of outdoor amenities including a vegetable plot.