All’s cool in the Pétrusse

Skatepark Péitruss was opened on 22 July by mayor Lydie Polfer, in the presence of aldermen Patrick Goldschmidt, Viviane Loschetter, Sam Tanson, former mayor Paul Helminger and managers of, Dan Gantrel and Alex Welter. Dozens of skateboarding and BMX enthusiasts immediately took to the park to take advantage of the new international-scale facility.
The City has been in contact with since 2008, the steps of the process consisting of the appointment of a design office, the choice of a site and a clean-up of the site, prior to the submission and selection of applicants. On 29 June 2015, the municipal council approved the plans and the budget of 2 million euros. Lydie Polfer paid tribute to “a functional, appealing and quality-driven project that developed the accordant surroundings in a way that was in keeping with the natural setting of the Pétrusse valley”.
Constructo, which specialises in such projects, was able to test a construction method using concrete cast in situ and mass-dyed for the first time, resulting in a patchwork of areas of different shades of grey. “One objective was to create a friendly environment and to establish an appealing system that was suited to both the different groups using the site (skateboards, roller-skates, BMX, scooter, etc.) and users of different levels of skill,” the designers point out.