The school of the future

September marks the start of the new school year for the 19 primary schools. Parents, children and teachers will be getting back in the starting blocks and the City is doing its utmost to ensure that everyone gets off to the best possible start. This autumn will see 4,967 pre-school and primary school children and 644 teachers return to school – a figure that has been growing consistently in accordance with the growth of the capital’s population.
The City’s priority is to ensure that all of these children get the supervision and facilities they need, which requires buildings that reflect their needs and their pace of life and that are comfortable and include areas both for learning and for playing and leisure activities. Various renovation and construction projects are underway, notably in Merl, two in Belair, one in Clausen and one
in Hollerich. Furthermore, the budget for new buildings has increased from 17 million euros
in 2015 to 32 million euros in 2016.
The facilities provided for children must reflect the developments in family life, with crèches and after school care therefore also increasing in number. Plans for a crèche in Belair that would accommodate 80 children and include a garden and a vegetable garden, for example, were recently passed by the city council.
Neighbourhoods are expanding and needs changing and the quality of the services and facilities provided must continue to be of the highest standard, because children don’t just go to school; indeed, the associated infrastructures, such as sports buildings and multi-purpose halls, must also reflect their needs and be able to adapt. This is the case in Cents, where a sports centre including a swimming pool (which will be open to the public) will be built at the same time as the extension to the school building on rue Léon Kauffman.
Investing in schools and the living facilities they provide for children means investing in the future to ensure that the next generations will enjoy the best possible living environment and framework for development that we can give them.