Main Priorities of the City’s Development Plan

The population of the City of Luxembourg has grown considerably over recent years, which presents various challenges, notably with regards to housing, infrastructure and quality of life. The revision of the general development plan (PAG), as required by the 2004 law, gives us the opportunity to channel the development of the city and of its various districts by creating good living conditions and taking existing structures into account.
This development must reflect the priorities we have set ourselves in order to cater 
to the needs of an ever-growing population. With this in mind, it is important to factor in school, sociocultural and sporting infrastructures whilst at the same time ensuring that we safeguard our architectural, cultural and natural heritage. This strategy must enable us to maintain the quality of life of our inhabitants and of those using the capital through the introduction and maintenance of green spaces, soft mobility and lifelong accessibility for all.

Furthermore, we did not plan to extend the boundaries of the conurbation in the revision of the PAG. Indeed, the urban area already has the space it needs to accommodate the urban development required to meet the needs of those living in or wishing to move into the city whilst guaranteeing a mixture of housing, leisure areas, green spaces, recreation areas, public facilities and commercial undertakings. In actual fact, the current plan already accounts for 27.8% of the reserve residential area, which has not yet been made up.

Finally, the procedure for revising the PAG also presents an opportunity to meet with our fellow citizens living in the various districts 
of the city through a series of briefings. .