Cold War in Luxembourg (1947-1991)

Until 27.11. ▸ MNHA ▸

A major exhibition dedicated to the Cold War in Luxembourg has opened at 
the MNHA. If this war initially opposed two superpowers, the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and the US, Western Europe suffered major repercussions as a result of the war and had to adapt to the tensions caused by the new balance of power. Luxembourg saw itself take some radical decisions and position itself alongside other European countries in order to face up to the threat of constant war that lasted almost 50 years.

The exhibition recalls a period which was at once political, social, economic, financial, ideological and diplomatic. As well as examining the historic facts through analysis and richly illustrated and documented texts, this exhibition sheds light on the recent history of Luxembourg, which by making numerous international alliances positioned itself as an equal partner to larger countries, ensuring, in fact, its sovereignty and independence.

The Cold War in Luxembourg presents a chronological journey divided by thematic chapters, such as the liberation by the Americans; the Marshall Plan; the postwar boom; the military; Nato; the secret services; diplomacy; the Prague Spring; the atomic bomb; 
communism; the events of 1968; the fall of the Wall.
The exhibition explores recent history and its repercussions on the present with 
clarity and the aid of many curious facts. E.B.