Letters from Luxembourg

▸ 20:00 ▸ in english ▸ Théâtre des Capucins ▸ www.theatres.lu

This is a unique play in which the movements, music and lyrics were written by refugees in Luxembourg together with residents. A work based around sharing and integration it was conceived and directed by dancer-choreographer Sylvia Camarda and musician-composer, actor and writer Serge Tonnar.

Both are very involved in intercultural projects involving refugees and residents, primarily through the “Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen” (We want to show you our country of origin) NGO. They have previously organized and carried out various artistic projects such as concerts, workshops and choreographed performances. Letters from Luxembourg represents both a logical continuation of this collaborative approach, and its greatest culmination to date.

This initiative shows how refugees and residents can come together to create new ideas for our society through the international language of art. Letters from Luxembourg asks the question: “Who are these people?” They may be ‘undocumented’ but they are not for this reason free of paperwork in the form of letters, authorisation requests, administrative forms or personal correspondence. “Who are they?” Luxembourgers, Syrians, French, Canadians, Portuguese, Afghans, Iraqis…

Can we define them by the single possession of a piece of paper or a passport? Out of the letters the refugees have written since coming to Luxembourg, be they real or imaginary, love letters or administrative missives, Sylvia Camarda and Serge Tonnar have created a work full of hope, humour, sadness and nostalgia. This is the story of a provisional ‘paper people’ that may tomorrow become an integral part of the Luxembourg population.