Sport as a tool of integration

As in past years, the Ville de Luxembourg is organising “Rencontres sans frontières”, a sports and cultural integration event designed to foster communication and mingling of people from different countries within teams. This event, organised in partnership with Clae (Comité de Liaison des Associations d’Étrangers), focuses on sport and intercultural exchanges and emphasises the City’s commitment to fostering the integration of the many nationalities present in the city and beyond via sport and culture.

Football tournaments (for both men 
and women, with teams comprising no more than four players of the same nationality) and beach volleyball (for men and women, with teams composed of at least two different nationalities), will be the main attractions, but there will also be various events for all age groups (sports workshops and performances, music and dance shows, and food stalls).

Sunday 12 June from 8 h – 20 h , complexe sportif Boy Konen 
in Cessange.