Zoom on the Commission for sports and leisure

The Consultative Commission for sports and leisure comprises 16 members who represent the entire political spectrum. It issues opinions about projects that concern this field: projects involving the refurbishment or construction of sports infrastructure throughout the City.

“It is important to ensure that our sports halls, swimming pools and other facilities can be used by the greatest number of citizens as opposed to merely by high-level athletes,” says Gilles Rod, the chairman (Déi Gréng) of the commission. Thus, upon presentation of any projects by the Sports department, 
the commission asks questions to check the coherence of the brief relative to all the requirements of the City. It examines the plans to ensure that the budgets set for projects are reasonable and that the projects are running on budget. This is an important task, when one considers that the 2015-2020 multiannual plan has earmarked nearly 200 million euros 
for sports infrastructure.

The Municipality’s Sports department, which manages 78 sports facilities across the City, can rely on the commission to state what changes need to be made (such as in respect of maintenance and renovation) and to relay them 
to the city council. There is also the matter of ensuring 
the proper operation of the Sports pour tous and S.d.S. Sport-Wochen programmes which provide access to 
more than 160 courses and training sessions.