Welcome to youth

To give youngsters the possibility to flourish 
in a creative discipline and thus to possibly influence their future, the City is making a lot 
of efforts to offer platforms for young talents. The programme for the month of June provides a clear insight of what’s on offer, with such highlights as the Breakin’ Convention, the TalentLAB programme, the Intra-Urban Youth Festival and the opening of the Zirkusschapp 
of Zaltimbanq’.

Portrait of Lydie PolferThroughout the year, the Municipality backs and supports a number of schemes 
and facilities for youngsters and teenagers. 
The network of neighbourhood youth clubs, the skate park of Hollerich and the Pétrusse project, as well as the BMX course in Neudorf bear witness to this commitment.

A large number of activities, and in particular sport-related activities, are on offer for children and teenagers (Sports pour tous jeunes, with for instance lessons of hip hop and breakdancing or the S.d.S. Sport-Wochen); there are also many educational and leisure activities, including holiday-time activities (Aktioun Bambësch, Aktioun Jugend Aktiv) and ad hoc activities such as Secret Places for exploring venues that are not normally open to members of the public (backstage at the Grand Théâtre or at the Philharmonie), and the “Forum des jeunes” youth forum which allows young people to speak out about plans for their neighbourhood.

Culture is not left out, as shown by 
the involvement of pupils in the Caress 
the world project by the artist Ray Monde, 
who has decided to create an additional art installation with the help of the children 
of the Gellé primary school. For its part, 
the Art à l’École association offers to initiate children to various artistic techniques.

Mayor of the Ville de Luxembourg