Water polo is doubtless the least media-intensive of all team sports. Yet it is a spectacular and all-round sport: “Players must be strong, quick, tactically minded and physically fit, accurate and agile,” says Guillem Español, beyond doubt the most talented member of the water polo team of the Swimming. This 28 year old native of Catalonia has been living in Luxembourg for three years and works in the finance sector. “This is a sport in which one must exceed one’s limits and share the values of the team, a bit like at work,” says this water polo adept who has been playing the sport since the age of 10, like his older brother, who is a member of the Spanish national team. In Luxembourg, this sport is only played at amateur level, which has not pre- vented the team from rising to the top of the regional championship.

Training sessions – physical, technical and tactical – are held twice a week with 15 amateurs “of mixed gender, 10 different nationalities, aged 16 to over 40.” The club also organises training sessions for children. www.swimming.lu