Zoom on the Consultative Commission 
for Technical Services and Energy

The Consultative Commission for Technical Services and Energy deals with matters that are of key importance to the day-to-day life of the inhabitants of the city of Luxembourg, for they are very far reaching. Consisting of 16 members drawn from the entire political spectrum, it issues opinions on the technical projects that are put forward by the Municipality’s various departments.

One of the most important projects right now involves the renewal of Luxembourg’s underground infrastructures. “The water, urban heating and sewage networks are often ancient and under-specified,” says Carlo Back, the chairman of the Commission. He praises the excellent relationship of cooperation between the Consultative Commission and the various departments that regularly present projects to it. “Our members live in different neighbourhoods of the city and are well acquainted with them. They can thus easily relay the local reactions and any specific issues.”

Fine-tuning the timetables for the work, coordinating with the external service providers, choice of materials… These are but a few of the issues that the Commission raises with the College of Aldermen or the Municipality’s departments.

Another major current project is the transformation of several public squares, particularly in the vicinity of the future Royal-Hamilius project. High among the priorities of the Commission are issues of mobility (cycling, car parking, accessibility), consultations over street furniture, useful facilities.
Finally, the Commission is dealing with projects involving cogeneration and urban heating. The aim is to ensure that new housing estates are well-served and well-connected.