Invitation aux Musées

▸ 21/05 & 22/05  ▸ Printemps culturel  ▸ Every museum in Luxembourg ▸

Combining the pleasures of spring with those of culture, the “Invitation aux Musées” takes place over the course of one weekend in the Grand Duchy. The capital, the Moselle, the Müllerthal, and the three regions (North, South, West) will be represented with no less than 44 cultural institutions open to the public free of charge.

The eclecticism of the cultural offer in the capital is a reflection of its quality. Indeed from contemporary art to classical art, from trams and buses to the police, from history and nature to banking and postal institutions, the visitor can create a made-to-measure itinerary. Note that this year is a particularly special one: the Casino and the MHVL celebrate their 20-year anniversaries, Mudam its 10-year birthday, the MNHA 70 years of existence and the Cercle Cité five years since launching. A guided tour called “Museumsmile – the anniversary edition” awaits you so you can visit all these institutions. The regional museums will satisfy anyone as interested by history and the country’s idiosyncracies as by its curiosities.

A few of the museums that might entice you to roam around the country include: The “A Possen” Toy, Wine and Folklore Museum; The Museum of Printing and Card Playing in Grevenmacher; The Millemusée, the Mill, Sawmill and Old Trades Museum in Beckerich; The Family of Man in Clervaux; the Computarium and Brewing Museum in Diekirch; the Industrial and Railway Park of Fond-de-Gras. This is a must-do event for anyone wishing to discover the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Luxembourg.