Marionette- festival

▸ 14 – 16 May ▸ Tadler (Esch-sur-Sûre) ▸ from 6 years ▸

In many cultures and civilisations, puppets have enabled men to personify events and characters in a fascinating way since time immemorial. Lay or sacred, crafted from various materials, the animated figurines have inspired the imagination of their creators by allowing great freedom of expression. They are nowadays considered as a key facet of modern living arts together with theatre of objects: two disciplines which the Marionettefestival focuses on during the Pentecost weekend in Tadler.

The event, which is held every two years, stages some 20 performances by various groups, throughout the village, in the barns and garages of the inhabitants, which are transformed for the occasion into improvised theatres. Representing Luxembourg, Betsy Dentzer and Luc Hemmer will present a musical tale entitled Dëppchen, Dëppchen and MASKéNADA will perform a piece entitled Flöck. The Belgian group Tof Théâtre will perform no less than three different shows; the Greek group Hop Signor will perform two of its pieces; Des Fourmis dans la Lanterne, a French group, will have the audience in stitches; Materialtheater from Stuttgart in Germany will be staging an adaptation of Petit-Gris by Elzbieta, an allegorical tale of poverty and injustice in society… in addition to the shows, workshops will be on offer and a panel of children will award prizes to their favourite shows!