All aboard the tram in Limpertsberg

The preparatory work for the arrival of the tram has begun with the rerouting and strengthening of the underground networks.

Luxtram has begun preparatory work for the arrival of the tram in Limpertsberg and to anticipate future requirements. A large number of public networks, such as the sewage, gas, drinking water, P&T, public lighting, urban heating and electricity networks will be affected. These underground pipes, located under the future platform of the tramway, must be moved to free up space underground and remain accessible in case of maintenance or repairs, without disrupting the future activity of the tram.

The work on rerouting the networks will continue until the autumn. In order to enable the Schueberfouer to be held, work on the tram close to the Glacis will be interrupted in July and will resume in September.

On Limpertsberg, an underground power substation will also be built near avenue de la Faïencerie. It will house transformers for the electricity supply of the tram network. They convert the high voltage mains into a voltage that can be used by the rolling stock (20 KV a/c  750 V d/c).

The local roads will remain open throughout the duration of the work and the teams present on the building sites will endeavour to minimise the inconvenience caused to local residents, shops and companies in the area where the work is being carried out. The bus stops located in the extension of avenue Victor Hugo (between allée Scheffer and rond-point Schuman) are being replaced by new platforms on the “Päerdsmaart” zone of the Glacis.
The platforms in the direction of Limpertsberg will remain unchanged. .

For the latest news and information about the work or to ask any question: or 24 55 82 83