Creativity at the heart of the city

The City of Luxembourg is trying to make its public spaces more pleasant, more convivial, more open and more accessible to everyone in order to keep improving the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants and visitors. In order to attain this goal, the City increasingly seeks to integrate original design into public spaces as a way of fostering community spirit.

Portrait of Lydie PolferMany examples can be cited, such as the redevelopment of the Old Town, the creation of a square in front of the Post Office building as part of the Royal-Hamilius project, the public chairs in the parks of the city. The aesthetic appearance of the urban furniture, its functionality and its integration into the environment are vital. The City’s department in charge of public spaces takes into consideration all these aspects in the many projects run by the other municipal departments: planning, roads, traffic, parks, etc.

Thus, the City of Luxembourg is sponsoring the Design City biennial and the Lët’z go local initiative, to highlight the importance of design in general, to increase the visibility of designers, producers and artists, and to give them a vast platform for exhibiting their works and bringing their ideas into being – namely the city as a whole.

The creative arts sector, be it theatre, dance, music, urban art or design, continues to develop in Luxembourg and constitutes a significant economic factor. Several remarkable initiatives to encourage creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and solidarity have been launched across the City of Luxembourg. We might mention for instance the Bamhaus in Dommeldange, Hariko in Bonnevoie and Nyuko in Hollerich.

What’s more, creative types are excellent ambassadors for Luxembourg abroad, and events such as Design City play their part in promoting the cultural and touristic appeal and thus the branding of the capital and of the nation as a whole.

Mayor of the Ville de Luxembourg