Vote for the 5th EFA Young Audience Award

5th EFA Young Audience Award with the participation of Luxembourg

The 5th EFA Young Audience Award includes record 27 countries across Europe. For the first time, Luxembourg will be taking part in this truly European event, on the initiative of the Luxembourg City Film Festival in collaboration with the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg and d’filmakademie.

The three feature length films GIRLS LOST, MISS IMPOSSIBLE (JAMAIS CONTENTE) and RAUF will be presented to a young audience (12 – 14 years) that will act as a jury and vote for the best movie.

On Young Audience Film Day, the three nominated films will be screened to audiences of 12 – 14 year-olds across Europe and it is the young audience that will act as a jury and vote for the winner right after the screenings. In a truly European vote, jury speakers then transmit the national results live via video conference to Erfurt (Germany) where the winner will be announced in an award ceremony streamed live on, a special website that offers further information about the nominated films and the participating cities.

As a response to the current situation in Europe and a contribution to integration, this year’s EFA Young Audience Award also specifically includes refugee kids. It is the first time that Berlin participates in the initiative and it is here that the European Film Academy and the Academy of Arts will bring together Berlin pupils and “welcome classes” for refugee children.

The three ‪Young Audience Award 2016 nominated films are:

by Alexandra-Therese Keining
Sweden, 2015 | 104’ | OV with FR and GER subt.

Three teenage girls discover a curious plant in their greenhouse. It turns out to have mysterious magical qualities that, when consumed, temporarily turns the girls into boys.

by Bariş Kaya, Soner Caner
Turkey, 2016 | 94’ | OV with FR and GER subt.

At eleven years of age Rauf falls in love with a young girl. He tries to make her happy in a world which is gradually losing its colour, even in the clear light of day.

by Emilie Deleuze
France, 2016 | 90’ | French OV with GER subt.

When you are a 13 year old girl and have an uncompromising way of looking at boys, school, family or friends, life sometimes starts to feel like a jolly psychodrama.


DATE: 8/05/2016
VENUE: Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
TIME: 9:30-20:40