Focus on the gender equality commission

The City of Luxembourg is committed to equal opportunities for men and women, and boys and girls, in all walks of life. The municipal consultative commission for gender equality was formed in 2012 and now has 17 members who represent the entire political spectrum.  

In 2009, Luxembourg became affiliated to the European charter for equality of men and women in local life, and since then, a number of action plans have been implemented both for the personnel of the municipality and for the inhabitants and users of the city,” says Cathy Fayot, chairwoman of the commission.

In parallel with its work for equality, the commission defines each year a unifying theme around which round tables, conferences, exhibitions and various co-operative ventures are organised, dealing with such issues as achieving balance between work and personal life, healthcare, sport, culture, research and innovation, etc. The Anne Beffort award is given out to an individual, a not-for-profit association, a group or an institution that has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of equal opportunities between men and women within the municipality.

A long-term action plan (2015-2018) defines the municipality’s priorities in this field around five key aspects: the provision of services, planning and sustainability, employment, governance and general life.

The commission also helps disseminate the municipality’s policy to the players in the field by providing its opinion on the motions and projects of the city council.