Public Spaces

The City of Luxembourg is keen to enhance the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants and users, and is the only municipality in the country to have a dedicated unit in charge of coordinating public spaces, which has a say in all the projects of the other municipal departments that affect public spaces.

Portrait of Lydie PolferTo ensure that people go out, take advantage of the squares, the parks and the pedestrian areas, and claim the public spaces, making the city vibrant and attractive, it is important to implement urban, artistic and cultural as well as social projects that take into consideration issues of accessibility. The city’s inhabitants are therefore regularly called upon to take part in devising projects via workgroups where they can present their needs: the development of place de Gand and the playground in rue de Strasbourg are but two examples of projects created with the involvement of the local inhabitants.

Two other projects which are being developed at the heart of the capital bear witness to the importance that the City attaches to the design of its public spaces. The planned regeneration of the old town will create wide, harmonious and shared spaces for cars and pedestrians. The area’s touristic appeal will be bolstered, and the attractiveness of the streets will be enhanced by urban furniture and trees.

The redevelopment of the area around Royal-Hamilius with a meeting place in front of the post office building, the pedestrianisation of rue Aldringen, the reinstallation of the sculpture by Niki de Saint-Phalle and the construction of terraces are designed to encourage members of the public to lay claim to this space in the town centre, reinvigorate local retailers’ takings and increase the general attractiveness of the capital.

Another initiative designed to lend life to the city is the positioning of food trucks at various key locations across the capital, street entertainment and events in summer, street decorations and festivities during the Christmas period, the installation of chairs in various public parks, and the Design City biennale, all of which aim to ensure that the citizens feel at home in the city of Luxembourg.

Mayor of the Ville de Luxembourg