Diversions on the quays

The roadworks being carried out at place de la Gare are well underway and have advanced as far as the train station building itself. The bus platforms are being moved but the numbers will remain the same.

The sewage system around the place de la Gare is very old and in poor condition. The entire network needed to be overhauled, which included replacing the water and gas pipes, extending the city’s heating network as far as avenue de la Liberté and changing the wires of the Post and Creos.

Having begun last June, these renovation works are now well underway. The works around the crossroads at rue de Hollerich were completed in time, meaning the roads have now been reopened. However, construction is now advancing towards the train station itself. The good news is that this will not impact traffic lanes and cars will not be affected by the works.

On the other hand, several bus stops are being moved to facilitate construction works on the pavements. To make life easier for bus passengers and to avoid any confusion, the platform numbers will not be changed. As construction advances towards avenue de la Gare, bus stops will be turned in the other direction. From now until July, platforms 9, 12 and 103 will be moved. In addition, this summer, platforms 1, 101 and 102 will also change location. Information will be displayed at the bus stops.

The priority is organising the various project phases to ensure that traffic flows through this key thoroughfare while also facilitating access to secondary roads and buildings. The construction works look likely to be completed by the end of 2016.

More information: chantiers.vdl.lu

map with the changes