VdL seeks creatives to revamp its website

It is now almost five years since the Ville de Luxembourg updated its official website – www.vdl.lu. “Much has changed since then in terms of technology, language and content,” says Patrick Goldschmidt, the alderman in charge of information technology. He explains that new trends have emerged in the sort of information visitors to the website are searching for. There are some 50,000 documents available for perusal on the site.

“We have decided to launch a European wide appeal to creative companies to submit their proposals for a renewal of the site,” says Goldschmidt. He wants the new site to be ready for launch in early 2017. “The deadline for submissions is mid February, and 
we will then create a short-list of five projects that we would like to have 
presented in more detail before 
making our final choice.”

Full details of the appeal can be found on the www.marches.public.lu website.