Gardening together in the city

Since the community garden project was launched by the Ville de Luxembourg in Bonnevoie 
in 2013, new gardens have been cultivated in Limpertsberg and the Gare neighbourhood. A growing army of keen gardeners have worked together on common plots and on their own small space in these green oases.

The gardens are cultivated using ecological methods, something the City of Luxem­bourg also applies to its own green spaces: no pesticides, no fertilizers, no chemical manure, no GMOs are allowed.

Each participant has a small plot of land of 4 x 2 m on which they can grow their own plants and flowers, but the bulk of the garden consists of a vast area 
of common land, which is depen­dent on everyone pitching in 
to help develop and maintain.

New slots have opened up in these three gardens and local applicants living in the neigh­bour­hoods can apply to join the project by contacting Nicole 
Isaac at the Service délégué à l’environnement on telephone 4796-4772 or by email: